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Family Support offers service coordination and financial support to families with an eligible family member of any age living at home. Family Support funds are used to reimburse families for expenses associated with the care of their family member. Horizons receives funding for this program from the state of Colorado and administers the funds to families. Family Support is a payer of last resort.


Family Support Program goals are to reduce the financial and emotional stress of caring for a loved one with a developmental delay or disability by providing services, support, education and resources.


The services paid for by Family Support funds include, but are not limited to:


•  Respite care - temporary care of the individual with the developmental


•  Professional services - counseling, occupational/speech/physical therapies

•  Medical and dental expenses relating to the disability which are not covered by

    other sources such as Medicaid or private insurance

•  Transportation - mileage costs related to accessing the proper care or


•  Assistive technology - mobility aids, adaptive equipment, communication


•  Home and vehicle modification - ramps, lifts, widened door frames

•  Other individual expenses - special diets, specialized clothing.


To apply for this program, please contact the Service Coordinator in your community.

Central Administration Office

P.O. Box 774867 (Mail)

405 Oak Street

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

970.879.4466 Phone

970.870.0334 Fax

Routt Family Services

P.O. Box 774867 (Mail)

430 Yampa Avenue

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

970.871.8558 Phone

970.870.8568 Fax

Moffat Adult Services

P.O. Box 1483 (Mail)

439 Breeze Street Ste #100

Craig, CO 81626

970.824.7804 Phone

970.824.2643 Fax

Moffat Family Services

P.O. Box 1483 (Mail)

439 Breeze Street Ste #100

Craig, CO 81626

970.824.7381 Phone

970.824.2643 Fax

Rio Blanco Services

P.O. Box 2114 (Mail)

685 Main Street Suite #1

Meeker, CO 81641

970.878.3196 Phone

970.878.3196 Fax

Grand & Jackson Services

P.O. Box 186 (Mail)

81 W. Jasper

Granby, CO 80446

970.887.1141 Phone

970.887.1141 Fax