What is Day Program?

Day Program is a service that offers clients a variety of activities to foster personal growth and reach individual goals. The purpose of Horizons as a whole is to enhance the lives of those we serve by empowering them to achieve rewarding lives full of new possibilities. Day Program actively fulfills this purpose by offering individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) the opportunity to learn new skills in the areas of math, reading, writing, cooking, computer, motor skills, and day-to-day life. This program also provides the means to improve mental and emotional wellbeing through community activities such as concerts, picnics, hikes, library visits, art classes, and physical/recreational programs. Providing this array of educational and mental and emotional health opportunities is a critical part of empowering those we serve to live the most rewarding lives possible.

Moffat – MC Cooking

Day Program Activities

Winter Sports





Bocce Ball


Crafting Days

Cooking Classes


Music and Meditation

Movement and PT Sessions

Fine Motor Skill Activities

Math, science, reading, writing, and language skills

Articulation Skills



Field Games

Understanding, building, and following schedules



Local music concerts

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How to Support Day Program?

There are a lot of ways to get involved with Day Program activities! Have an outdoor business or club? Come partner with us for an outdoor adventure day! Want to volunteer by helping with some of the activities? Click here! Interested in financially supporting Day Program so that we can continue to provide quality services and access to the community? You can donate here!


Looking for a meaningful job where you also get to be part of these awesome Day Program activities? Check out our open positions!