Early Intervention and Family Support serve over 180 children and families a year! Early Intervention provides free screenings and evaluations along with access to therapies and other resources for children ages birth to three who have a 33% or greater delay in one of the five areas of development. Those areas are cognitive, social-emotional, physical, communication and language, and self-help/adaptive skills. Referrals can be made by anyone, a friend, parent, or physician and sent to mhoza@horizonsnwc.org. Our Family Support Program offers services to help support families that have a family member with a developmental disability living at home. This can include respite care, family counseling or conferences, transportation for medical appointments, and more.

Meet the Team!

Lindsey Garey

Director of Case Management




Michelle Hoza

Early Intervention Coordinator





Sarah Grimes

Service Coordinator




Jayme Moss

Service Coordinator





Jodi Glaisher

Occupational Therapist




Kate Doyle

Speech and Language Pathologist




Karen Cross

Occupational Therapist




Teressa Laster

Social/Emotional Therapist




Melissa Hassel

Speech and Language Pathologist




JoAnn Roberts

Physical Therapist





Lori Goldsmith

Developmental Interventionist




Ramona May

Speech Therapist




From Speech Therapy to Occupational Therapy to Physical Therapy to Social/Emotional Therapy, our team provides a number of services to help kiddos get on track! After sitting down with your family, we build an individualized plan to meet the needs and strengths of both the child and the parents. With clear goals and strategies, most kids graduate from needing services by their third birthday!


COVID-19 brought some changes to our service delivery as we switched to primarily using teletherapy. Now using a mix of in-person and Zoom, families are able to have more sessions despite distance, weather, travel, or any other variable. We have also seen this mix empower parents to continue to work with their child even after the therapy session ends. Our EI team is great about guiding parents to help their kids grow and develop. Call 970.871.8558 or send us a message, we’d love to help you!


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