Early Intervention – Birth to 3

Early Intervention is for infants and toddlers who have a developmental delay or disability. Eligibility is determined by evaluating the child with parental consent to see if there is a delay or disability in: cognitive skills; communication skills; social/emotional skills; physical skills; and/or adaptive skills. Eligible children can receive services from a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or a Physical Therapist through their third birthday. Most children meet milestones and catch up before their third birthday. If a child continues to need support, a referral will be made to the school district for preschool services. Early Intervention services are available throughout our entire service area.

To refer a child, go to the online application form here

Children’s Extensive Support – 18 and Under

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Children’s Extensive Support (CES) provides Medicaid funded services and supports to families of children under the age of 18 with intellectual or developmental delays or disabilities who have the most intensive behavioral or medical needs and are at high risk for out-of-home placement. Services and supports provided through CES should increase the family’s ability to keep their child in the home and prevent out-of-home placement. CES is targeted to children whose extensive level of behavioral and/or medical needs cannot be funded or supported through Family Support funding. CES is available throughout our entire service area.



Vocational and Day Services

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Vocational Services allow individuals to participate and work within the community for an employer or on a work crew supervised by a Horizons Job Coach. Horizons helps create good matches for the individual and the employer. Vocational Services are for adults age 21 and older and are available throughout our five county service area.

Day Program promotes computer, math, reading, writing, cooking, and life skills in large and small group settings. Whenever possible, we participate in community activities such as concerts, picnics, hikes, library visits, art classes, physical and recreational programs, etc. Day Program is available to eligible adults weekdays in Steamboat Springs and Craig.

Residential Services

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Comprehensive Residential and Supported Living Services are for eligible adults age 21 and older. We offer an array of residential and supported living services based on each individual’s needs. Some adults live in group homes with 24-hour care and others live on their own or with family and receive minimal or as-needed assistance from counselors. Horizons’ group homes are located in Steamboat Springs and Craig. Supported Living Services are available throughout our five county service area.



Family Support Services

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Family Support offers service coordination and financial support to families with an eligible family member of any age living at home. Funds are used to reimburse families for approved expenses associated with the care of their eligible family member, including medical and professional therapies and treatments, respite care, home modifications, insurance deductibles, co-payments, and adaptive equipment. Horizons’ Family Support Council uses set guidelines to assess each family’s Level of Need. Our five-tiered system (Very High: $3,000; High: $2,500; Medium: $2,000; Low: $1,500; Minimal: $300) coordinates with the Level of Need and represents the maximum amount each family can access per year. If a family is enrolled in a Medicaid Waiver, Family Support program funding is limited to $1,000. Family Support is a payor of last resort and is available throughout our entire service area.

Program Approved Service Agencies

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Below is a list of providers approved for Horizons and our geographical location. Services are specific for a person on the HCBS-DD, SLS, or CES waiver. Please click on the link below to find provider names and their contact information.

Horizons PASA List

Below is a list of PASAs approved across the State of Colorado. If you see a provider from whom you would like to receive services that is not on the Horizons PASA List, please contact your Case Manager.

Colorado PASA List



Case Management

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Case Management is the gateway to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Once individuals qualify for support through Horizons, they, along with their family, guardians, and program staff, meet with a case manager to discuss which services can help them reach their goals.

The case manager creates an Individual Plan (IP) to address the issues discussed in the meeting and outlines the strategies for the future. By working directly with individuals and their families, the case manager can obtain appropriate services and ensure they are coordinated and delivered in the best way. Frequent evaluations of the individual’s IP keep strategies relevant to his or her unique and evolving needs.

Questions? Contact your local Case Manager here