“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller



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For an Event

Throughout the year Horizons has many events. Volunteers can help make it a memorable experience. Some of the events include the Valentine’s Dance, Bike Day, Wave Pool Day, and Halloween Dance.


As a Group

Our recreational programs consist of a team of volunteers who help with coaching and assisting with recreational sports. Activities are dependent on the season.

Skiing/Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Swimming, Bowling, Boating, Softball, Snowmobiling, Fishing.

Some of the people in our program share homes with others in supported living. These communities foster independence, and benefit greatly from dedicated volunteers with a positive attitude who are eager to spread joy. Adopting a house means that you can help out with birthday parties, prepare a meal with everyone, give rides, etc. This can be done by individuals, businesses, schools, social clubs, churches, or families.

As an Individual

Spending one-on-one time with someone is a great way to share your skills and touch lives. Volunteers are paired with individuals in our program and partake in enjoyable community activities (going to a movie, out for coffee, walk on bike trail, biking, playing board games, cooking, going to local events).

If you enjoy working with your hands, Horizons can always use help with home improvement, yard care, moving furniture, organizing, etc. No job is too small!

Have something to share? You can teach skills one-on-on or be guest speaker and help inform people about various topics (health, safety, music, computers, art, fitness, animals).

Become a Volunteer

Please fill out the volunteer application below and email it to Elizabeth Skudneski. We will be in touch shortly!

Elizabeth Skudneski – eskudneski@horizonsnwc.org